Playdough Play

I love seeing playdough play in action! I have been making individual playdough for students each month, and having that individual, accessible play option has been particularly helpful this year!


  • Develops fine motor skills, and strengthens fingers and hands
  • Fantastic tool for creative play
  • For sensory play you can add in colours, scents, and loose parts of various sizes, shapes, and textures
  • Calming for many students
  • Versatility – see below for some photos of examples of playdough play in action


It’s so incredible what students can make with playdough!
This student made a unicorn after we read Thelma la licorne.
So many possibilities!
Check out these amazing textures!
This was some fun small world play.
Students love using playdough to practice their skills with scissors.
Plastic tools like rulers and cutlery work really well.
Here’s a fun example of loose parts meeting playdough.
Cookie cutters make a great addition to playdough play.
Playdough is a fun way to make letters. Inspiring Elementary Learners made Alphabet playdough mats that are on my post about Favourite Resources for Kindergarten French Immersion, but I couldn’t find any of my photos of those in action as I was putting this post together. 😅
Playdough pairs really well with vocabulary cards, like these ones from Mme Andrea.


What are your favourite playdough activities and recipes?

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