NCTCA 2021 Teachers’ Convention Notes

Last week I enjoyed two days of professional learning at NCTCA 2021. I gained so much new learning and many new connection from those days, and I am so grateful to the organizers of this virtual event and all of the presenters you will read about below!

Day 1: Thurday, February 4th

Connecting the Dots: Current Events to Future Opportunities with Anna Maria Tremonti

Sketchnote of Anna Maria Tremonti‘s session on Connecting the Dots: Current Events to Future Opportunities

Rising StrongTM After Setbacks with Kimberly Knull

This session was based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown, who has some phenomenal TED Talks, books and now the Unlocking Us podcast that I listen to regularly.

Minimalism in the Classroom with Julianne Harvey

Sketchnote from Julianne Harvey‘s session on Minimalism in the Classroom

Engaging in Numeracy and Connections in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Traditional Games with Melissa Purcell

During her session, Melissa Purcell shared the following resources:

Day 2: Friday, February 5th

Play is the Key to University with Judy L Arnall

Sketchnote of Judy L Arnall‘s session, Play is the Key to University

Here is a link to the Brain Story certification course mentioned above.

Amplifying Black Voices – A Conversation with the Black Teachers’ Association

Members of the Black Teachers’ Association shared some important insights and things to reflect on. I encourage you to click on their handles after their quotes below to connect and continue learning from them:

Immersion française au Canada: Soutien aux familles non francophones avec Marylou Gammans

Sketchnote from Marylou Gammans‘ session on French Immersion in Canada and supporting non-francophone families

I shared this sketchnote with my school colleagues, and added the following resources to my Google Classroom:

Ordinary Canadians – Extraordinary Leadership with Peter Mansbridge

Peter Mansbridge just had a book come out called Extraordinary Canadians, and he has been podcasting.

Were you at NCTCA 2021, or another regional Teachers’ Convention? What did you learn about?

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