STAYLIT 2021 Sketchnotes and Quotes

On Saturday I had a fantastic time at STAYLIT 2021. It started off with this lovely breakfast thanks to my partner Jesse. He always supports me in bringing my brave and I am so very grateful for that.

Dr. Jody Carrington’s Keynote

Sketchnote of Dr. Jody Carrington‘s STAYLIT 2021 keynote.

Innovatively Staying Connected with George Couros

Sketchnote of George Couros‘ session on innovatively staying connected

The Importance of Showing, Not Telling with Laurie McIntosh

Sketchnote of Laurie McIntosh‘s session on The Importance of Showing, Not Telling

All for One with Shelley Moore

Sketchnote of Shelley Moore‘s session, All for One

Bringing the Joy Through Love and Pain with Jessica JanzenOlstad & Ronnie Olstad

A Story of Survival and Freedom with Jesse Thistle

Jesse Thistle shared breathtaking examples of vulnerability and courage from his story, which he shares in his book From the Ashes. He highlighted the power of hope, purpose, and love.

Host Jesse Lipscombe

I had a fantastic day of learning, and I am already looking forward to Together Braver in May!

If you were at STAYLIT, what were your takeaways?

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