On Friday I get the opportunity to share my passion for sketchnotes at a professional development day with some of my Kindergarten colleagues – yay! Here is a sketchnote that I made about sketchnotes for the occasion:

How meta is this?

Be sure to check out Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt (@inquiryteacher) and Sylvia Duckworth for great sketchnote inspiration!

I made this timelapse of the process, which is one of the cool features of the SketchBook app I use:

Timelapse of a sketchnote

I’m looking forward to Saturday’s STAYLIT 2021, and I will be creating a post of my Sketchnotes from the day that will be shared next Thursday. In the meantime, here is a link to my post about RELIT 2020.

Do you have any questions about sketchnotes?

I’d love to see any sketchnotes that you create, so please feel free to tag me!

Bonus Sketchnotes Added Friday

Felicia Ochs gave an outstanding mindfulness & self-care session!
Shelley Claypool & Tana Glesman gave this fantastic session on Speech and Language in the Classroom.
Natasha Lang gave this great session on Foundational Reading Skills.

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