Bilingual Educators Virtual Summit 2020 Reflection

I love to learn from and connect with new teacher friends, so a few weeks ago I took in some of the sessions from the Bilingual Educators Virtual Summit 2020. Unfortunately that week I ended up with a migraine, and I did not catch nearly as many sessions as I had originally hoped. I was also watching sessions from the Play First Summit which was happening on the same days, and you can find my sketchnotes from those sessions in this blog post.

Encouraging Bilingualism at Home through Family Connection and Book-Inspired Activities

Sketchnote from the session on encouraging bilingualism at home through family connection and book-inspired activities by Laura Fiore of @inspobilingue.

Yoga in Primary French Immersion

Sketchnote from the session on yoga with primary French Immersion students by Mariah of @aplayfulpurpose.

Have you taken advantage of any free online learning lately?

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I am a French Immersion teacher fuelled by chocolate, leopard print, and family & friends. I love sharing and hearing new ideas.

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