Play First Summit 2020 Sketchnotes

This week I have been watching sessions from the Play First Summit that was organized by Fairy Dust Teaching and Teacher Tom. I enjoyed listening to the sessions, creating sketchnotes and then sharing those out with a community of people from all over the world in the conference Facebook group. People from that global community shared with me that my notes helped them to access and revisit these ideas, which was a really lovely feeling.

Professional Development Session Sketchnotes

Using the Life Experiences of Children in the Classroom with Lynnette Arthur

Sketchnote from the session “Using the Life Experiences of Children in the Classroom” with Lynnette Arthur. Check out her page “Reggio Children Inspired”!
Some key reflection questions from Lynnette Arthur: Where are my biases? What do I hope will happen? What are the steps, obstacles, and resources?

Life-Derived Learning in Challenging Times by John Yiannoudis

Sketchnote from the session “Life-Derived Learning in Challenging Times” by John Yiannoudis.

Original Learning in Early Childhood by Suzanne Axelsson

Sketchnote from the session “Original Learning in Early Childhood” by Suzanne Axelsson.

A New (And Better!) Normal by “Teacher Tom” Hobson

Sketchnote from the session “A New (And Better!) Normal” by ‘Teacher Tom’ Hobson.
“The only legitimate use of power is to empower.” –Teacher Tom

How Come We’re So Afraid For Our Kids? By Lenore Skenazy

Sketchnote from the session “How Come We’re So Afraid For Our Kids?” By Lenore Skenazy.

Stop Stealing Childhood in the Name of Education by Maggie Dent

Sketchnote from the “Stop Stealing Childhood in the Name of Education” session by Maggie Dent.

Play, Freedom, and Trusting Children by Kisha Reid

Sketchnote from the “Play, Freedom, and Trusting Children” session by Kisha Reid.

The Power in Children’s Problem Solving and Independence by Janet Lansbury

Sketchnote about “The Power in Children’s Problem Solving and Independence” session by Janet Lansbury

The Value of Play by Peter Gray, Ph.D.

Sketchnote about “The Value of Play” session by Peter Gray, Ph.D.

Policing is a Play Equity Issue by Ijumaa Jordan

Please follow Ijumaa Jordan on social media and support her work:

Documentation to Share, Connect, and Reflect by Wendy Lee

Sketchnote from “Documentation to Share, Connect, and Reflect” by Wendy Lee

Re-opening Trauma Informed Practice by Dr. Mine Conkbayir

Sketchnote about “Re-opening Trauma Informed Practice” by Dr. Mine Conkbayir

How To Sketchnote

One of the questions I got a few times was about the tools I use to create my sketchnotes. The physical tools I use are my iPad and a Ciscle stylus. Recently I started using the SketchBook app on my iPad, and I have been liking the variety of pens available. When I started creating sketchnotes, I used the Paper app.

I learned to sketchnote mostly by looking at other people’s sketchnotes online. I find it easier, more fun, and more likely to share & review my learning this way. Sylvia Duckworth’s Sketchnote Fever is a good resource if you are interested in learning more.

Sketchnoting is about capturing your ideas and doodles on a topic, so it can be done on paper or digital platforms. So if you are starting your sketchnote journey: write what you hear, draw what you feel, and show the connections as you process them.

Do you sketchnote? Did you watch any of the Play First Summit 2020 sessions?

P.S. I will be taking a break from my regular blog & education-gram posts this week while I spend time with my family. My next post will be Thursday, August 6th and I will share my sketchnotes from the Billingual Educators Virtual Summit.

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