Self-Portraits in the Early Years

One of the first things that I (and many of my colleagues) invite Kindergarten students to do at the beginning of the school year is to draw themselves. These first-day drawings are such a special piece of developmental evidence, and they become even more remarkable when seen alongside subsequent drawings from that school year and beyond. It’s truly a remarkable thing to witness this evidence of students’ growth and development.

Professional Development

At the beginning of May I took part in a wonderful session put on by two of my Kindergarten colleagues from our division that renewed my excitement about the power and potential in self-portraits.

I created this Sketchnote to record and share some of my learning and inspiration from the session. Many thanks to Wendy and Donna for sharing their ideas and experiences!

More Than Peach Project

Bellen, the Creator of the More Than Peach Project shares a lot of important thoughts and resources on her Instagram page @morethanpeachproject. She has a fabulous line of products that showcase many crayon options for a variety of skin colours.

Kindergarten Self-Portraits

I plan for at least one self-portrait per month in Kindergarten. Students love to see these up on the wall and in their memory books, and I love seeing them light up when they recognize themselves and notice the increasing level of detail in their work. Here are a few examples of self-portrait activities:

What is your favourite self-portrait activity to do with students?

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