Favourite Resources for Grade 1 French Immersion

This year I have been teaching a K/1 combined class, which has been a great experience for me overall because of the team I work with. (It was also cool because my first practicum placement as a student-teacher was K/1!) I have learned so much from collaborating with my Grade 1 team members – I have been fortunate enough to have three stellar, experienced teachers to work with, and that has been especially helpful during remote learning! Next year I have been assigned to Kindergarten, and I feel a lot more confident in that role with a greater sense of Grade 1.

I have also benefited from resources and ideas created and shared by the fabulous early years French Immersion community I’ve connected with through Instagram. Not having to create these resources from scratch really saved me, and helped me to better show up for my students.

Instagram/Blog Inspiration for Grade 1

Image from teachinginhighheels.blogspot.com

Teachers Pay Teachers Resources for Grade 1

What are your favourite resources and ideas for Grade 1 French Immersion?

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I am a French Immersion teacher fuelled by chocolate, leopard print, and family & friends. I love sharing and hearing new ideas.

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