After seeing what my #edci336 colleagues have been doing with it, I have decided to switch to using Evernote instead of Google Keep. I got the web clipper for Firefox, and I am really excited about my new organization tool!

Published by Britney Allen

I am a French Immersion teacher fuelled by chocolate, leopard print, and family & friends. I love sharing and hearing new ideas.

One thought on “Evernote

  1. Hi there!

    Welcome to the world of Evernote 🙂
    I’m Bryan also an Evernote ambassador.

    I do most of my stuff on Evernote, even crafting my blog post. So I made blogwith.co – an app that allows you to manage your WordPress site right from within Evernote.

    I hope this will further increase your productivity 🙂 also let me know if you have any questions with regards to Evernote, I can help too


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