The Art of Mindful Living

I listened to the audiobook of Thich Nhat Hanh’s (@thichnhathanh) The Art of Mindful Living this week.

It made me feel much better about many things. I feel more calm, more aware of my breathing, and more aware of the present moment. Mindfulness is there for our pain. It’s an act of taking care. It’s the best part of us.

I found this quote particularly poignant, as my cohort is currently preparing for our first practicum placements: “When a cloud is about to rain, it does not panic like us.”

Some notes in my Bullet Journal from The Art of Mindful Living

(and a reminder to return library books)

Flowers to remind myself of the Flower Fresh meditation

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I am a French Immersion teacher fuelled by chocolate, leopard print, and family & friends. I love sharing and hearing new ideas.

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